The event:

Last 7th of July Unik Edition has organized another Unik event: a tour to Porto Alto. The main purpose as always was socializing with everyone that share the passion for motorcycles and the lifestyle associated with it.

The tour started to a Unik route to Porto Alto where everyone enjoyed a mixture of urban/industrial setting with nature in all its glory, as the halfway break was set on one the affluent of river Tagus (Tejo).

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Unik Edition

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After the tour, we had the opportunity to enjoy a great camaraderie at the Unik headquarters where everyone has breath the Unik good feeling that Unik Edition wants to promote to everyone. There was time for great and amazing talks, discussing new ideas, drink a “fresquinha” (very cold beer) and to appreciate all the work done so far.

Without a doubt that we will be promote more and more events like this one, as it was a great day for everyone. We want to embed everyone with this Unik feeling so stay tuned for new events.

You are certainly invited!

Stay Unik.

Take another sneak look at our Unik tour!