When we received the invitation to showroom a selection of our bikes, we were not a inch less than total ecstatic; to have our work appreciated amongst hundreds of bikes for all of the “corners” of the world, for sure that’s something that can’t be taken lightly.

With our spirits packed with pride and confidence that our work is growing in the right path, we went our way to London on a roadtrip to remember, with the companion of the selected machines, BMW R65 “Hulk” and Honda Bol’dor 900 “Pandora”.

This entire week was full of miles, story’s, adventures and a bag full of knowledge by mingling and talking with the veterans builders that makes eye shinning bikes for years and are at a point a reference to us.

Definitely, a very enriching experience that we would repeat if opportunity occurs.


Unik Edition

Stay Unik.

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