• Sub-frame removed and replaced by an “Unik” solo tube, that supports the seat.
  • Adaptation of a Virago 1100 tank, with changes
on the frame supports, suppressing the old gas lid, upper structure with a relief and old tap, turning into a “monza cap”, straight tank on top and a new tap
on the side.
  • Wider and lowered front.
  • Front rim replaced from an 18” to an 19”
  • Complete exhaust system 2 x 1, in welded inox to a TIG with a pan.
  • Rear set on the feet commands, with brake adaptation and gear selector.
  • New Hagon shock absorbers with limited course.
  • Customized paint job on the tank, rims, frame, symbols and helmet with graphics and metal flakes in two shades of green.
  • Hedon helmet paintjob with graphics mirroring the Firestone tires tracks and the rims on the of the tires.
  • Relocation of the ignition cylinder and lithium battery to a compartment inside the engine.
  • Electric system replaced for centraline, button switches, manometer and turn signals, all Moto-Gadget brand.
  • New fender and respective supports, license plate support, stop light and seat, all of them personalized.
  • Painted engine with brushed details, installation of conic filters K&N and suppression of the old connection to the air filter on the engine lid.
  • New complete braking system, with double disc and Brembo clippers.


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