• Totally new tubular structure sub-frame.
  • 2 x 2 exhaust system in welded inox to a TIG with new under seat structure.
  • Rear set with brakes and gear selector adaptation.
  • New YSS suspension;
  • Customized painting: tank, symbol and Hedon helmet painted with the same pattern and colours. Lateral covers with asymmetric numbers with retro colours.
  • Relocation of the ignition cylinder and USB port installation under the tank.
  • Redesigned electric system, with hidden lithium battery under the engine new switcher and new horn.
  • Fender construction with plaque support.
  • Personalized seat;
  • Painted engine with brushed details.
  • Moto-gadget viewers.
  • Upgraded break system with double disc and Brembo pumps. New handle grips.
  • Tank with Monza-cap installation.


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