• New shorter sub-frame;
  • Ohlinz Twin shocks;
  • Suzuki GSXR, adapted inverted front fork;
  • 17” kineo spoke rims;
  • Complete new wider exhaust system 4 x 2 x 4, TIG welded inox;
  • Rear sets feet commands;
  • Customized paint job, tank and side covers;
  • Relocation of the electronics and battery to a compartment under the sub-frame;
  • Electric system replaced for centraline, button switches, manometer and turn signals (all Moto-Gadget brand);
  • New fender and respective supports, license plate support, stop light and leather seat, custom;
  • Painted engine, installation of conic filters K&N;
  • New complete braking system, rear caliper relocation;
  • Front headlight with custom bracket;
  • Wider rear tire;
  • Keyless system;


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