Benelli 900 Sei – “SINFONIA” #45

Benelli 900 Sei – “SINFONIA” #45
This Benelli 900 Sei was a very challenging project.
Basically we get an engine and a frame.
Everything would have to be redone again.

The goal would be to create an amazing piece, with six exhausts, but easy to drive.
This was the starting point. We wanted to use the deposit or part of it, but in reality nothing was used, the only part used was the deposit cover.
The inverted front is all new, taken from a sports bike. The rear has been completely changed. Ducati S4r swing arm, and custom sub-frame.
Upper fiber completely redone, designed and produced in a 3D printer, and it was then sculpted in fiber. Custom aluminum oil and gasoline tank.

The hardest part was adapting the Ducati swingarm to the 70s frame, changing the tire from 130 to 190. All the geometry had to be aligned, a very challenging job, but it turned out spectacularly.
Obviously we love the kineo rims and all the motogadget electronics (the best brand) – key, motoscope, mo.unit blue, mo.lock nfc, mo.blaze disk, mo.blaze pin, mo.switch mini, mo.grip.

The paintwork of this Benelli 900 Sei was inspired by both Italian colors and Cafe Racer culture.


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